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    About Me:About Me:Pasqualino Spadorcia, 591 Main St, Medford, MA holds a Home Improvement Contractor license according to the Massachusetts license board. He owns and operates Design Concepts Pro Contractors.

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    As the real estate market in the greater Boston area prepares to shift for a new 2021 market, Pasqualino Spadorcia has seen a growing number of homeowners interested in preparing their houses for sale. But while they still have time, owners are also interested in starting home renovation projects...
    Construction expert Pasqualino Spadorcia is going to talk about how promising a career in construction is.  Sadly, many young people are finding that a college degree does not go as far as it used to. Fifty years ago, a college degree offered many graduates a ticket to a high-paying job. While...
    “Where’s the heart of your home?” This is exactly what the well-known and highly-skilled owner of Design Concepts Pro, Pasqualino Spadorcia, wants you to think about. With a specialization in kitchen remodeling, Pasqualina Spadorcia has established himself as one of Boston,  MA’s, top and most...
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